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Joshua P. Warren

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Because I have been determined to make practical money from doing paranormal research, I have spent years creating good, solid, genuine paranormal products that SELL. Let me repeat this--they SELL. If something doesn't sell, it doesn't make the cut. These products range from equipment, to training movies, to kits, and beyond. And the price is so cheap that any serious person can afford most of it, even with a tough economy. To date, I've been selling stuff just through my websites. But now, this new program, http://www.paranormalrevenue.com/, is finally in place to have you getting checks from these products quickly. After all, you will reach new people, in our own arena, who will value these offers.

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If you participate in the www.ParanormalRevenue.com program, here's what will happen: 1. You sign up for free, without any obligation 2. We will send you the code to integrate into your site 3. You sit back and cash checks for sizeable amounts. We're not talking 10 cents at a time here. We're talking REAL cuts. 4. You have absolutely NO responsibility to the customer. My staff will process payment, fulfill orders, and deal with all customer service issues afterward. A WIN-WIN? Yes! You win because you get respectful cuts of the money your site earns. My company wins because we have a profit cut on our end. And the consumer wins because if he or she is not happy with the product, our friendly staff will give them a 100 percent money back guarantee, with no questions asked. And I am personally in charge of making sure this staff is the A TEAM. But ultimately, we all win because we have a flow of revenue going to those who have great ideas for investigations, research, and other endeavors, yet no way of implementing them.

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